We received a good foot of snow the night of January 22 which was a God send for the trails.  All trails in the Watersmeet area were upgraded to GOOD.  Then on Friday, things warmed up to the high 30s!  What a bummer!  We had a night or two when the UP Thunder Riders couldn’t groom, but temperatures have gone down again, snowy days are the norm for the coming week (maybe about 1″ today so far but it’s snow!), and hopefully some of the thin spots we heard about from sledders will thicken again.  The groomers will work their daily and nightly magic again, too.  We have a beautiful new track groomer to add to our equipment and they’re out right now grooming.  At the present time with a reported 9″ base, they are downgrading the trails to fair until we get the groomers’ report later today.  It’s time to plan to come up!  We hope to see you soon!