The news isn’t great right now.  We went from great winter weather to temps this past week up to the low 40s.  Luckily we had a hard 18 to 19″ base that has for the most part held up.  Our trails are reported very icy and as reported:

Trail 3 North:  Fair

Trail 3 South to Wisconsin:  Fair to poor

Trail 2 East and West:  Fair to poor

Trail 13 South:  Fair to poor

Groomers have not groomed since January 17 or 18 due to the warm temps and the rain that happened for a few days.  January and rain in the U. P. and northern Wisconsin…just about unheard of!  Go figure!!!  This has been crazy!  Our groomers are waiting for the temps to stay 30 degrees or less and will then go out and do what they can to flatten trails until the snows come.  Actually it has been snowing lightly here for the past couple of hours.  It’s not a lot but our deck is covered.  We’ll wait and see which way the snows blow.   We also have predictions for lake effect snow.  I’ll report as we have changes here and hear from the U. P. Thunder Riders.  Hang in there…winter will return to normal soon!