Watersmeet Snowmobile Report for December 5, 2017

We know everyone is waiting for the news of the big snows to return to the northwoods! We were on a roll with our cold, snow, and lakes freezing. Then came the 30s and 40s! The good news is that we went from the 40s yesterday down to the 20s with temps getting colder each day and snows predicted! Hopefully this cold turn will freeze up the ground before we get those big snows we’re are looking for.

We’ll keep you posted as things change here. THINK SNOW!!! We’ll work on the cold and snow! We hope you’ll make plans to come up and enjoy the super trails here soon! We have all kinds of great accommodations in the area. There’s something for everyone.

For a live snowmobile update, call Caryl at our Watersmeet Chamber of Commerce number, 906-358-9961. We always try to give the best and most honest reports we can. We want you to enjoy all the best the area has to offer. See you soon.