Watersmeet Chamber of Commerce Snowmobile Trail Report for February 25, 2016

It didn’t take long for things to change here.  After our two-day warm-up, we thought everything was going back to normal.  Even though we have been receiving snow each day, it isn’t enough for the groomers to work with on the trails.  The U. P Thunder Riders here have suspended grooming until we get another 5″ of snow or more.

Trails are still rideable.  The club just can’t groom at this time however.  Saturday is forecasted to have 41 degree temps, so we’ll see what that does, too.  Our groomers are reporting the following conditions on the Watersmeet trails as of noon today:

Trail 2 west of Watersmeet:  Conditions are icy and fair for 12 to 15 miles and then turn “good”.

Trail 2 east of Watersmeet to Trail 107:  Conditions are “fair” with dirt and rocks mixing with the snow until you get out of town.

Trail 3 north of Trail 2 to Bond Falls:  Conditions are “fair” with icy corners.

Trail 3 south of Watersmeet to Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin:  Conditions are “poor” with lots of dirt and rocks mixed with the snow.

Trail 13 south of Trail 2 towards the Cisco Chain:  Conditions are “good” on this trail.

We are in spring riding conditions at this time.  I’ll update as changes occur.  For a live up-to-date report, call Caryl at our Chamber number, 906-358-9961 or email me at visit@watersmeet.org.

Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope we’ll soon have some good news for all of us here!             Carole