Hi Everyone ~

This is just a quick update to what I posted on March 4, 2017.  People are still asking about snowmobile trails.  It sure isn’t looking good unfortunately.  We still have snow and plenty of cold right now (2 degrees with a wind chill of -12 degrees), but the trails are pretty much down to bare.  Our season is open to March 31, but it’s going to take a whole lot to make sledding possible again.  Our season typically doesn’t end this quickly.  We don’t want next year or any of the following years to be like this either!  We’re putting our order in now!

All of our lakes are now like ice rinks!  It froze after the thaw, so now we are seeing shiny smooth ice out on every lake.  We did receive a little snow today, so there is a little snow here and there on the ice.  Come on up and do some ice fishing, but please don’t forget your ice cleats!!!!

Thanks again for checking back.  We sure wish we had better news…                    Carole

March 4, 2017 Report:

We have an update from the U. P. Thunder Riders late this afternoon, so I wanted to get some information out to you.  After our warm-up days we received about 14 to 16″ of new snow over a couple of days.  The first was heavy wet snow…the second big snow was lighter snow but about 8″ of it.  We received another couple of inches of snow last night after another couple of days in the 30s.

Our groomers have been out a couple nights now. Our base is only about 4″ at this time even after all that snow.  Our temps were around 18 to 20 degrees today.  There are wet spots and thin to bare spots as well as good spots on the Watersmeet trails.  The temps are remaining cold for the next couple of days, so the groomers will be out for sure for March 2 and 3 to make the most of what they have to work with.  Temps are predicted to be 49 degrees on Sunday with day time temps above freezing next week.  The trails are rideable but in fair to poor condition for much of the trail system.  It’s back to the good, bad, and ugly.  This may be the demise of the season’s grooming by the end of the weekend.

Needless to say, this was a more than an unusual winter and one we hope never repeats.  It’s been such a disappointment for so many, but we also had some great sledding in between.  We hope you were lucky enough to be here during those great times!  With so much snow here yet, it is just a bummer that our trails couldn’t hold up.  Our thanks for all the hard work that our groomers, our club members, and volunteers have done to make this snowmobile season the best it could be.  One of our guests summed it up for us by telling us that of all the trails that they sled on, the Watersmeet groomers are the ones they see most on the trails making the trails the best they can be.  Being a hub for sledding and handling all the traffic that comes up from the south, we know that it takes extra effort for our guys to keep things in great shape, but they do an excellent job.  Kudos to a great group of people.

Thank you for visiting.  Unless there are some big changes in the weather, this may be the last report for the season.  If something changes, I’ll update.  If not, we hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the Watersmeet and surrounding areas.  We know you have many choices for your sledding and get away destination spots and very much appreciate than you have chosen our area.  We invite you to visit in every great season here.  When you put away the snowmobiles, it’s time to bring out the ATV/ORVs and the boats and canoes.  If you love it in the winter here, we know you’ll love it in all seasons.  We hope to see you soon again and look forward to a wonderful snowmobiling season next year.

Come back soon and often!  See you next time…