Hi Everyone ~

Trail conditions here have been improving and now are upgraded to GOOD.  Our U. P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club reported today that there’s a base of 9″ on our trails.  We had a few inches of snow a few days ago with a little freezing rain on top of it.  We have snow coming starting tonight and into tomorrow.  The last report was only 2 to 4″ but it sure all helps the groomers have something to work with.  The groomers are running daily. 

Trail 2 east of Watersmeet to Trail 107 is good with just a snirty area as you leave Watersmeet
Trail 3 south of Watersmeet to Land O’ Lakes is good.  This trail gets lots of use for those entering into the Upper Peninsula.  It can be rough between grooms.  Please use caution over the bridges.
Trail 3 north of Trail 2 to Bond Falls is good with a few thin and icy spots.  There are also icy corners.
Trail 3 north of Bond Falls is good with icy corners.
Trail 2 west of Watersmeet is good.
Trail 13 south of Trail 2 is also good but has icy corners.

It should be a good weekend for sledding.  We hope the temps stay a bit lower than anticipated around freezing.  There are still openings in the area if you need accommodations.  We have all kinds of great place to stay, snowmobile sales and service, and all kinds of friendly businesses to help make your stay a super one.  We hope you’ll choose to stay where you play.  You’ll love it here!  Thanks for visiting our site.  We hope to see you soon.