There were many more reports in between this one and the January report being shown.  Please bear with us as we have just replaced our former website and not everything switched over here.

Our snowmobile season came to an abrupt end around March 11, 2015 which was WAY too early!  We had a huge change in weather in a couple days going from -10 to -30 degree nights to 57.2 degrees!  There was “awesome” sledding right up to that time.  Sledding in the morning was fantastic and by the afternoon the trails had taken a huge hit.  It was decided at the U. P. Thunder Riders meeting that night to call it quits for the season.  Although we have had a few inches of snow here and there, the trails are done for this season.

We would like to thank everyone that came up and enjoyed great trails this year.  We started off on the first day of the season, December 1, with really good trails.  Even though there were problems in other areas, our trails continued to bring super sledding right through the entire season.  We’d also like to thank all the groomers and volunteers of the U. P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club that work so hard to make our trails the best they can be.  They do a fantastic job and put in lots and lots of hours.

Many people that never rode the Watersmeet area trails before were surprised to find out just how much fun they could have here.  We hope that you’ll all come back again next year, too.  We have lots of great businesses here that want to help you enjoy the best vacation get away that you can have.  We know you have lots of choices in areas for your sledding getaways and hope you’ll continue to consider our are when putting together your 2015-2016 snowmobile trips.  Thanks so much.  We hope to see you when the snows come again next winter.  Thanks again for visiting.  It’s only eight months till snowmobile season again!