It’s time for an update on conditions for everyone who is anxious to come up snowmobiling and skiing.  We got about 12″ of snow this week.  The really cold temperatures are more than welcome.  Wind chills -20 to -30 and single digit highs pretty much all week are going to have pretty much any wet spots freeze up.  All lakes are now frozen although larger lakes like Thousand Island and Black Oak just froze up on December 10 or 11.  The winds are packing the snow well, too.   Our U. P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club here were going out today to pan, flatten, and evaluate the trails!!!  It’s a start!   Friday and Saturday are supposed to be very snowy days.  Let’s cross our fingers that these storms are the ones that will get us up and running to allow them to get out there to work their magic with actual grooming.  “Nobody does it better…”!  We’ll keep you posted.  We are getting really close now…  We hope to see you soon.