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WATCH for reruns of “Nimrod Nation” previously aired

ON NOVEMBER 26, DECEMBER 3, 10, AND 17, 2007

There were eight episodes and Sundance says they will reair every so often.  They have been airing very often, so please check your TV guides.

There was more fun in the Watersmeet area this past winter with the Nimrods, since the Sundance Channel was here filming a reality show from December, 2005 through March, 2006.  They covered our team at the games, filmed what life in the U. P. is all about, and enjoyed the events that took place in Watersmeet and the surrounding area.  It was a great time, and the crew was wonderful with everyone.  What a special treat!  Brett Morgan of Sundance says that it’s official.  The series aired on the Sundance Channel on November 26 and continue for the next three Mondays, December 3, 10, and 17, 2007.  Episodes 1 and 2 aired the opening night followed by Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 airing individually the following weeks.  Episodes 7 and 8 aired together on the last night.  Each episode is 30 minutes long.  Reruns have been running almost continuously on the Sundance Channel or order your own copy from the Nimrod Store (www.nimrodnationstore.com).

“Brett also said Robert Redford has labeleld the Nimrod Nation one of his 4 temple series for the year.  This allows the Sundance executives to advertise the series with the maximum amount of funds allotted to any series he promotes for this company.  If the series goes well, Morgen says he can see it being aired on other networks as well.”  (Our thanks to the Watersmeet School newsletter for this update.)

“Nimrod Nation” made it’s debut in L. A. in July and showed at the Grand Traverse Film Festival at the beginning of August.  Several of the local people in town that appeared in the series answered questions for the press and the public.  It has received a super response and we thank all of you that attended.

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